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30,000 Visitors in 30 Days and You Can Do The Same

Free 9 Day Content Promotion Email Course To Learn This Exact Formula

With Special Guest Lessons From John Lee Dumas, Neil Patel, Oli Gardner, Joe Pulizzi and many more! 

Wicked Cool Bonuses 

I've been honored to interview some awesome people and they have shared some incredible and very actionable formulas for you to increase your traffic by the millions... seriously, millions! As a part of this course you will have the opportunity to listen to each of these interviews. 


Neil Patel on achieving 100,000 monthly visitors. A step-by-step formula.

John Lee Dumas on how he grew the traffic to his podcast.

Joe Pulizzi on traffic building via content marketing. 

Oli Gardner on how to grow the traffic to specific pages with incredible conversion tactics.

Kristi Hines shares her incredible content promotion secrets.

Brian Swichkow shares the secrets on how his closed community gets a combined 7,000,000 visitors a month.

Dmitry Dragilev reveals how he drives tens of millions of visitors every month.

Many more exclusive interview still to come!

 Keith Breseé will take you step-by-step through a proven formula of creating and promoting your blog post that guarantees traffic.

 The exact plug and play email script  we use to outreach to top influencers and get… 78% response rate!

 Discover the biggest mistakes most bloggers encounter with content promotion, and how you can avoid them.

Start the class today and learn from the masters like Joe Pulizzi, Oli Gardner, John Lee Dumas, Neil Patel and many more!