Being able to eat your Goddess’ pussy to the point where she has toe-curling, leg cramping, hair-raising, out-of-body sensations is a gift every King should have……and I’m about to share how this gift can be yours!

There are so many myths and misconceptions out there on how a man should perform cunnilingus which pus unnecessary pressure on him – it’s an experience that you should be able to enjoy. When your lips touch this sacred organ, you’re not only creating pleasure for her, you’re also opening a gateway to her soul where she releases all her inhibitions and connects with you…her King, on every level you never thought imaginable. She becomes so connected to you that her soul literally feels merged with yours and your presence, touch, voice and every part of you will never be enough for her!

We’ll go through this guide by going into details for each of the following:

  • Understanding the Anatomy of her Flower
  • Techniques to avoid during moments of connection
  • Techniques to prepare her for the pore raising experience she’s about to have: foreplay with her mind, body and soul
  • The King at the forefront: ensuring you’re mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to embrace and enjoy her
  • The Big Moment: how to eat her pussy like it is the most amazing and delicious specimen your lips and tongue have ever encountered n this lifetime!
  • The Climax
  • Post Climactic Bliss!


Anatomy of the Flower

The vulva is the external part of the female genitalia. It is the centre of much of a woman’s sexual response. The outer and inner ‘lips’ of the vulva are called the labia majora and labia minora.  The vestibule surrounds the opening of the vagina, or introitus, and the opening of the urethra, or urethral meatus. The perineum is the area extending from beneath the vulva to the anus.


The most sensitive parts which increase pleasure are her Clitoris, Intruitus (opening of the vagina), inside her vagina and for some women the Labia Majora and minora.


The pudendal nerve transmits pain messages and other sensations from the vulva. As shown in the diagram above, this is the outer area to the left and right of the vulva. This is an area often missed during cunnilingus – we’ll talk more about this in the upcoming techniques section.


Now the G-spot has been the main focus of pleasure for most women, however, from my own personal experience along with increasing feedback from thousands of women around the world, we have a few other “spots” of pleasure which for some reason are hidden secrets and guess what…if your Queen doesn’t now this yet, she will honour you more for taking the time to help her learn even more about her body: G-spot, P-spot, U-spot and K-spot

The G-Spot:

Known as the Gräfenberg spot, is located 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina, on the front vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra.


The P-Spot:

This is located near the cervix on the posterior wall, just opposite of the G-spot. You can access this area by gently sliding your fingers in after she’s extremely lubricated.

The U Spot

This area is a very sensitive tissue located above the urethra and between the clitoris and the urethra, which is where we urinate from. This area is typically called the female-prostate and can be stimulated by gently stroking with your tongue or finger. Since this area is very sensitive, as with majority of the vagina and vulva, don’t apply too much pressure.


The K Spot

This is the area above the anus, where the top of your cheeks separate. The K-spot can be massaged with gentle or deep pressure (depending on how your woman responds to each) and create a relaxing and euphoric sensation when stimulated. Use a middle finger to simply press down on the area above the anus.

What’s amazing about this zone is that it’s easily accessible outside of the body during cunnilingus and penetration to create additional pleasure. It can be licked, rubbed, tickled, stroked, and massaged for pleasure all while you’re lips are still focused on her pussy. The right amount of pressure on this area can create intense arousal.

Here’s a detailed diagram of the erogenous zones mentioned above in her flower:



Techniques to Avoid During Moments of Connection:

As mentioned earlier,  it’s time for you to let go of all the misconceptions and myths during your “guy-talk” sessions and other sources which are a bit rigid and streamlined to meet how society thinks it should be done – you’re about to learn how to let go and just ‘do you’ so you can ‘do her’!

  • Do not be in a mental state as if this is a task. Important to remember is your thoughts become your words and your words become your actions! If you feel this way, she will sense it and your tongue will do just that- be just as robotic as your mind.
  • Do not and I repeat, pleasedo not just ‘dive in’. Picture how you feel when you’re awaiting your Queen to put her lips on your sword. You enjoy foreplay right? Remember this is the first step to opening up her mind, body and soul to unite with yours and foreplay is necessary (we’ll get to this part later don’t worry).
  • Avoid rushing just to get to penetration. As women, I can testify that during our intimate moments with you, we are highly sensitive to your thoughts and can feel when you truly aren’t into it and just want to skip this part to as they say ‘hit it’! While there are moments where quickies are enjoyable, if the mood calls for a more intense moment, take your sweet time and treasure every part of her flower.
  • Don’t be shy or feel intimidated to ask her to guide you: some women are highly tune with their bodies and if your girl is one of them, she will gladly let you know where to go, how soft or intense she wants to feel your mouth caressing her pussy. If your girl is shy, gently ask her if she’s enjoying it, what she’s enjoying the most.

Don’t ever feel emasculated by asking her – this may come as a shock to you, but we really don’t need you to come off as an experienced porn star! The more humble and open you are, the more we honour you and open up during this process. Now to the do’s!


The King at the forefront: ensuring you’re mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to embrace and enjoy her

As much as you may think that your sole purpose here is to provide pleasure, you are just as much an important part of this experience too! You must have the right mindset as she will be following your lead and be at your mercy! Here are a few things to get you prepared on each level before you start:

  • Mentally: psyche yourself up! Look at every inch of her body while she’s dressed and think to yourself that this is the other half of yourself you’ve been longing for and about to merge with. Think of how she adores you as her King and is receptive to your touch. Every man loves the thought of knowing his woman always wants to receive him.


  • Physically: close your eyes and envision her flower in front of you. Envision your fingers gliding over every inch of her labia…every sink and curve, then your tongue gently about to make contact. Imagine the feel of her body clenched as she feels your first touch and moans. The thought of you causing this much pleasure is sure to get you aroused as well.


  • Last, but by no means least, Spiritually: this is the part most often neglected by our Kings nowadays, but I guarantee you will always remember from this moment! This is a deep closeness felt beyond all the other superficial traits. Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and envision you both in a seated position with her legs wrapped around you and her breasts rested against your chest – think of the sensation of her heartbeat meshed with yours. That moment makes even the hardest of men humble their pride for the next moments to come.


Techniques to prepare her for the pore raising experience she’s about to have: foreplay with her mind, body and soul

She must be “open” and ready – any shred of hesitation—emotional, physical—is going to halt the entire process for both you and her.

  • Just as you prepared yourself on every level, so must you prepare her. This shows her that you are ready to take the reins and following her lead while her body speaks to you. Whisper to her how beautiful she is to you and say it with love, meaning and passion. Let her know that she’s everything you’ve ever wished for in a Goddess and be specific about as many parts of her body, especially the parts she’s most conscious of.
  • Gently kiss (not suck) her on her erogenous zones starting from the top and making her way down- her forehead, lips, neck, nipples and just beneath her belly button – from here, lick your way down to the inner parts of her thighs and make your way to her flower.
  • Now that you’ve ‘arrived’, take a moment to look at her pussy – look at each and every part of this amazing flower that has the ability to perform so many beautiful functions. Remember when you envisioned earlier, during your mental preparation, your fingers gently sliding through each part of it….well now you will actually touch it. Make sure your fingers are well lubricated – this sensation will arouse her. But wait ….don’t internalize all that amazement and fascination….let her hear it… it your way. Whether you say “wow” or “this is beautiful”, use your words to say it out loud.
  • Talk to your pussy: that’s right…I said YOUR pussy because she’s YOUR Queen! As women we are very responsive to verbal expressions of love and this is sure to get her even more aroused to the point where you may even see her nectar starting to flow out. Let your pussy know that you missed her and you can’t wait to embrace her with your mouth.


The Big Moment: how to eat her pussy like it is the most amazing and delicious fruit your lips and tongue have ever encountered in this lifetime!


  • The first technique can be used by a novice or pro. Either way you will give the same results. Move the tip of your tongue around her clit in slow circles with a little bit of pressure. Keep your rhythm steady at this point until she begins to ease into it. You will know when she is slipping into the zone at this point when she begins to move her body by gyrating her hips or groin area.
  • Use your tongue to separate her pussy lips when she opens up. Run your tongue up and down between the layers of pussy flesh. Gently spread her legs more with your hands, specifically, your finger tips along her inner thighs, while your tongue plays with her pussy flesh.
  • The next method which is makes even the most conservative woman become a screamer, is licking her clit from left-to-right with a variation of soft and medium-pressured strokes. Keeping a steady rhythm is very crucial. You may need a little practice with this technique as it’s natural to get excited in the heat of the moment hearing her moan, causing you to unintentionally apply too much pressure and less rhythmic strokes, which you don’t want. Pay attention to which amount of pressure sends her into a frenzy and keep that pace when you get it.
  • Another technique is to lick her pussy with your flat tongue with wide strokes like you’re enjoying your favourite ice cream
  • Now this one which I like to call the “Peeper” makes my eyes roll to the back of my head and is huge favourite for many women: lick the clitoral hood to get to the actual glans of the clit, whether it’s peeking out of the hood or not. Gently pull the pussy lips away and flick the clit…this is sure to make her leak into your mouth.


At this point, she should almost be close to the height of climax – based on her signals you can choose to apply more rhythm and a little more pressure. If she responds to each, apply a little bit more then …STOP – suck her pussy with your mouth shaped like an ‘O’. Be careful not to create too much of a vacuum during sucking as this can cause an unpleasurable sensation in the clitoris (close to pain).

On the flip side of things, if at this point she is still showing signs of not reaching climax, please have no fear. Some of us take a little longer than others and this gives you the opportunity to explore her even more. Regardless of which technique you’re on, try to gradually apply different levels of pressure to see which she best responds to. If you’re at light pressure, gently apply more, rather than switch to a large amount all at once – this can completely turn her off!

Side note: women do express pleasure differently. If you’re in a new relationship and you’re unsure how your Queen signals hers, here are a few body reactions to keep an eye out for: arching her back, clenching/grabbing your head or the bed sheets, shivers/trembling in her thighs along with vocally moaning and groaning.


One of the best parts of having an orgasmic experience is the tension leading to that moment – sometimes prolonging that build up makes her climax even more enjoyable with the following:


  • The “Cooler”: I can’t stress how sensual this technique is. It leaves a lingering sensation that will make her clit and pussy throb madly! Gently suck and create a mild vacuum then gently pull away with her pussy and clit still in your mouth then let go. Blow softly on her clit in a circle and between her pussy lips.
  • After the “cooler”, give the rest of her body some much needed attention while her pussy throbs wanting more. Work your way up to each of her erogenous zones. Run your fingertips on her inner thighs then lick with the tip of your tongue in an upward direction. Skip her pussy, suck beneath her navel with a wide-mouthed “O” and give a quick rough lick. Massage her breasts and nipples all while giving her eye-contact. Kiss the sides of her neck, nibble behind her ears and tell her how much you’re into her in this moment. Now it’s time to return to her pussy which by now is extremely wet and dripping with pleasure
  • Tongue Fuck her; with a slight curl at the end, slide your tongue inside her vagina in a semi circular motion. Entering straight in won’t give any pleasure as it may not be long enough to reach her G-spot – the circular motion awakens the nerve endings at the entrance of her vagina


  • Finger Fuck her. This has a variety of methods but I’m gonna share the two most popular to drive her insane:
  1. Using two hands: insert your fingers on one hand into her (as long as she’s lubed and ready) and use your other hand to stimulate her clit. It might take a little bit of work to get the coordination right so keep an eye out for how she reacts
  2. Using two fingers:  If your woman is begging for something a little harder and faster, slide your middle and index fingers inside her. Start off with massaging the roof of her vagina which is an extremely sensitive zone. When she shows that she’s into it, move onto thrusting starting slowly – make sure you’ve got control of your hand fully and find a speed and thrusting technique that works best. If she tells you to keep going, do so and be consistent with your pace.

Think of your finger like your cock and thrust. You can easily go faster and slower, harder or softer, depending on what she wants. If you find a rhythm that she seems to like, keep at it. Consistency is important when you’re fingering your Queen and if you’re too rough or inconsistent it may cause pain and sensitivity.



  • Lick her clit while fingering her G-spot
  • Lick her clit, massage her G-spot while playing with her ass


If both you and your Queen are comfortable with this technique, then don’t be shy about it. While your mouth is fixated on her clit and pussy, try a couple methods to play with her ass and see which one she enjoys the most.

  1. Rub the opening lightly with no penetration using the tip of your lubricated index finger
  2. Light penetration in and out; you can stay close to the opening and if you’re comfortable, you can go a little deeper inside

Very Important to note here, ensure you do not touch her vagina after stimulating her ass as this can cause an infection. If you want to go as far as giving her anal cunnilingus (sucking her ass) please leave this for last after she orgasms to avoid transfers that can cause infections as well.


The Climax:

While this is not your end-goal, this is the magical moment you’ve been waiting for…to see her squirming and moaning with extreme pleasure from an orgasm. You should be highly aroused at this point too as this experience is a time to connect with your lover and once that connection is genuine, your touch will have the ability to make her have multiple orgasms.


It’s very easy to tell when a woman is about to have that explosive moment and when she is it’s important to keep these things in mind so you both enjoy this burst of pleasure:


  • Whatever you’re doing don’t stop AT ALL! Just…keep…going. If your fingers are moving at a certain pace, or you’re sucking with light or moderate pressure keep that momentum. If your mouth is giving the sole source of pleasure, use your hands to add a little more by rubbing her thighs or massaging her pussy lips.


  • Some women enjoy when you spice it up a little. If this sounds like yours, then don’t be afraid to take things down a notch and have her begging for more. The closer she gets to orgasm, the slower you become and the lighter your pressure applied. You’ll know when she’s had enough and wants to reach her orgasmic peak when she grabs your head and presses it against her pussy and clit, squeezes her thighs around her face, touches her erogenous zones herself. When it gets to this point, resume your pace. “Apple-Bobber”: suck her pussy while bobbing your head up and down and lick in between this motion until she cums!




Post Climactic Bliss!

Damn! That had to have been the most amazing experience you’ve both had together, and I guarantee you it will get better each and every time. This is where a woman is her most vulnerable and receptive to you. Rather than stop abruptly and move away. Make love to the rest of her body; kiss her breasts, rub your fingers and hands down her back and most importantly, hold each other close and tight…there’s no need to say anything in this moment as your body and soul are “speaking” to each other.


Eating pussy is one of the most rewarding experiences on so many levels, both for the giver and the receiver – both parties must be receptive, and open to each other and most importantly comfortable enough to communicate. Once the pressure comes off it all fits and she’ll become addicted to you!


Sending Love and Light Your Way,