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Today I’m going to show you how I used a single promotion technique to generate 2,079 unique visitors to a brand new blog in less than a month.

And  I did this even though I had:

No connections.

Almost no Twitter followers.

And a marketing budget of zilch ($0).

I am going to show you how to:

  • Create content people want
  • A killer promotion technique

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How I got 2,000+ people to read my frist post: The BOOM Technique

Today, so many of us want to grow our online audience. 

But how do we do that? One of the first things we need to do is get people to our website, and grow our traffic.   What do most people do to try to fix this problem?

We buy Facebook and google ads (the problem with this is once the ads stop, so does the traffic). We pay for traditional SEO services and we buy backlinks (kinda scary, right?) 

Yet, we can’t seem to increase our traffic and conversions, which will lead to more leads and sales.

Who doesn’t want more sales?  Despite this struggle, some people still manage to drive a large amounts of traffic, and we’re left sitting in the dust thinking, “What the f%&$! How did they do that?!” 

Take me (Keith) for example. I am a 25 year old entrepreneur running my own company.

My first year I tried everything from buying Facebook and google ads, loading up my webpages with heavy keyword content, and traditional seo tactics.

But then, I tried very targeted email outreach campaigns to people who I KNEW wanted my content.

In the first couple weeks of being live, I got over 2,000 unique visitors to my new site!

Let me break this down like this… Before you promote something you have to make sure you KNOW people are going to love your content.

After my post went live I knew people loved it.

It got almost 200 social shares,  23 comments, and 2,000+ people reading it.

Can you take a guess when I promoted it?

stats 2

So here are two simple steps you can take to create content that drives traffic and one KILLER promotion strategy.

Step One: Find Medium Tail Keywords

Medium tail keywords aren’t crazy competitive terms like “backlink”, “healthy recipes”, etc… but they aren’t really long tail keywords like “nutritional value of vegetables”, or “how to use search engine optimization for beginners”.

They are more competitive than your average keyword (not too competitive), but they also get a lot more search volume.


SemRush is by far  one of the best marketing research tools.

So head over there and create a free account.

You will love semRUSH because they show you who your competitors are AND what they are ranking for.

Meaning, we can see keywords that are already working.

Now once you are in your dashboard you will see a search bar at the top, which is where you will enter your site, OR your competitors site.


Make sure you have the country selected most relevant to you.


Once you enter your competitor’s site, scroll down to see the “Top Keywords” and click full report.   NOTE: You can only see some of the data here unless you have a pro account.


Once you are viewing all the keywords, click on the volume button to sort them from highest search volumes to lowest.


Now simply look for the keywords with about middle of the road search volume, and store them in a spreadsheet somewhere for future reference. Every keyword search volume is different, so you will have to be the judge of what is in the middle and still relevant.

Another great part of semRUSH is you can look at your competitors keywords… and then the competitors of your competitors keywords, ad nauseam…

Doing this alone, you will be able to generate hundreds of keywords.

But I want to show you one more tool.

II. KeywordTool.io

If you want to generate up to hundreds of keywords from a single head term, keywordtool.io is the tool for you!

It’s totally free and INSANELY fast!

How it works is when you enter a keyword it pulls from your search engine of choice, the top suggestions and adds every letter in the alphabet after it to generate hundreds of suggested keywords.

For example…


And you will get results like this…


Yeah, it is that simple…

Now Take your keywords you’ve gathered and enter them into Buzzsumo.com.

Enter your keywords into the main search bar and look at the top results for your keywords.

These will be the articles you use to generate ideas for your post.

From there, you can use all the data you have gathered to create your content

Step Two: Create Better Content

There are several things you can do to create a killer post, but I’m going to show the top two things that work for me and my clients.

I. Make it longer

Over at Okdork.com, Noah Kagan and Buzzsumo.com analysed 100 million articles and found the number of words in a post directly collalates to how many times the post is shared.

“The longer the content, the more shares it gets, with 3000-10000 word pieces getting the most average shares (8,859 total average shares).” ~ Noah Kagan

You can look at the data yourself, but I’ll go ahead and tell ya.. make your post over 3,000 words if you want killer success.

II. Design it better

If you went to a site that had mid 90’s design vs. current web design, which one do you think you would trust and give your credit card number to?

In a case study Derek Halpern talks about, they “reviewed the reasons why people distrusted a website, 94% cited DESIGN problems.”

Reread that again… 94% of the reason people trust your site, is design!  

Thats huge!

This also gives us the advantage.


Because now we know the biggest step we can take to have people trust us. And when they trust us… they buy from us.  

Do you see why design is so critical?  

Do what you can to make your design stand out from the crowd.

Do something different.  

For example…  

Neil Patel over at quicksprout.com, created a killer guide on content marketing. But this guide was different.  

Outside of it being super thorough, and helpful, it.looks. B.E.A.utiful!!!   Take a look. This is just the very top part of page #1.      


And this beautiful content did SUPER well. 1,500+ social shares.  


The point is, spend time on design. You wont regret it.   

Step Three: Promote The Heck Out Of It

This promotion technique is so stupidly simple, but incredibly effective!     

Here it is… You tell people who have shared similar content in the past.   That’s it.

I told you it was simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Every time I’ve done a outreach like this I send out 100 – 200 emails, and about 25 – 40% of people will share. 

It’s tedious and takes time, but it’s so worth it.

On top of the email sign ups and social shares, I have received thousands of dollars of work and several guest post opportunities. 

It’s a funny thing when you put great content in front of people…. good things happen. 

I. Find content very similar, or relevant to yours. 

Take the keywords you used for your research earlier and enter them back into buzzsumo.com.

It’s going to show you again, the top posts for that keyword based on social shares.

You are going to look for articles very similar, and very relevant to yours.

Once you find one, click on the “view sharers” button.


You will then see this page, and what you are ONLY going to be looking for are twitter accounts of people who have a first AND last name. You’ll see in a minute why that is important.

You need to make sure they have as large as a social following as possible to help get more eyes on your content, so sort them by the number of followers as well.sharers            

Now you are going to enter their first name, last name, and website into this spreadsheet and it will come up with all these emails for you.


Then enter every single email into gmail using Rapportive to help you find their emails.


Now this can take some time to get done, so I switched over to using Toofr.com. It does the same thing, but WAAAY faster!!!! 

So once you hit the amount of emails you want to send (the more the better), this is the fasted way to send hundreds of emails: I use the mail merge feature in Yesware.

It does cost $25/mo, but the first month is free, and it’s totally worth it. 

It saves you from having to draft and send hundreds.

Note: it takes 7 hours to draft 150 different emails… Trust me, I know. I can’t even begin to tell you how many thousands of emails I’ve found, and drafting them all is not fun.

Also, Yesware allows you to track your emails, and see which subject lines work better for you.

If for whatever reason you don’t like Yesware, you can use the Yet Another Mail Merge add on in Google Sheets. It’s free, but you can only send 100 emails a day.

Here is the email script I use that gets killer results:

Subj: Quick question {First Name}

Hey {First Name}

I hope all is well with you! 

I was searching for content on [topic of what your post is about] today, and I saw you retweeted [The title of the post they retweeted].

I am actually going to publish an article in a few days on [topic of what your post is about].

It’s titled: [Your article headline].

Would you like a heads up when it’s live?

Be awesome!


Also, if you noticed, in that email script, I said, “going to publish” meaning, you are emailing them before your post goes live.

And when they say yes, send it to them when it’s live.

Use this script when letting them know it’s live:

Hey {First Name}

Thanks for getting back to me! Here is the link: [Link to your post].

Be awesome!


P.S. I’ve already created a click to tweet link to make it easier for you to share. [click to tweet link]

Why should you email them before it’s live?

Because people love having the newest scoop on killer content!

True, you can use this technique on post you have already published, but I have gotten much better results when the post isn’t live yet.

Test it, and see what works better for you, and let me know in the comments.

When sending out these emails, Tuesday – Thursday around 9AM – 12PM is when I get the best results.

That’s it.

How to send your next outreach campaign using the BOOM Technique

Find these emails can be difficult.

When I first started it took me 18+ hours to find 150 emails + 7 hours to send them…. totalling 25+ hours!

I wanted to speed up my time like crazy, so I went out there and tried everything I can think of.

Now I have come up with a process that takes me about 3 – 5 hours to find and send 150 email, PLUS I can go for a walk while I do it too. ;)

So here’s what I did for you…  I created bonus material for Ron Sela Readers, to show you my exact process for finding emails wicked fast, and a checklist of the whole process.

You can click here to download them.

I will be around for the day, so feel free to leave me a question in the comments.

Be awesome!

Keith Breseé