Case Study

The Challenge

Bryan Harris, founder Videofruit, wanted to get more coverage and traffic going to his new content to help get leads. Bryan knew the value of standard SEO, but he also knew that scalable white hat link building would jump start his content and put him leagues ahead of his competitors. So, he contacted us to get things done.


The Results 

In just under a week we were able to drive thousands of new visitors and get hundreds of leads all with one single outreach. Check out the numbers below to  see the results.


ValconMedia’s legit. We worked through several campaigns and it worked really really well!

thumb_01_60_60Bryan Harris

Founder @ Videofruit

Unique Viewers


High Authority Backlinks


Ranking Results 

In a highly competitive keyword environment, we were able to boost visibility across a range of common search terms.

Within 4 months Videofruit was ranking #1 for a very difficult keyword in a very competitive niche.

The Approach

Videofruit asked ValconMedia to help with gaining visibility in organic search results. Our first task was to research what content we could use of theirs to start with the link building.The quality of that content would reinforce Videofruits positioning as a powerful solution for email list building.

Dozens of proven link-building techniques exist, and they vary in terms of effectiveness depending on the industry they’re used in, among other factors. We conducted a deep competitive analysis to determine the proper mix of link-building techniques for Videofruit in the digital marketing space. 

We then ramped up the SEO and scalable link building efforts, in order to engage with the existing large community of Videofruits users, and connect with new potential users who may be actively interested in email list building solutions.

We Know One Thing For Sure:

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Who knows – maybe we won’t be able to help, but then again maybe we can.

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